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My name is Hannah Kennedy, and I'm a twenty-six year old human based in the Greater Boston Area. I've happily made my life here for the past 8 years, sticking around post-university and entering the bustling tech sector in the Hub. With five years of experience in the field, I've made like a sponge and soaked up as much learning as possible across different areas of need.
With an original focus on supporting end-users and newer focus on software development, I'm able to bring in potential concerns during the design and execution phases of tools. I've worked on honing an editorial eye, so I can constructively critique existing wireframes.
Likes: STEM volunteering, accessibility, environmental protection, jasmine tea, dogs
Dislikes: systemic injustices, inconsistent formatting in code, mint, licorice

My github handle is the same as the URL - how's that for consistent brand idenity!
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My crafting hobbies are throwbacks to earlier generations: needlework (like cross stitch), knitting and crocheting.
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I've worked with print, digital, and physical art. Preferred medium: paper with charchoal, pen, or pencil.
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